Bread Meats Bread Launch Party and Review


I was recently tweeted by Bread Meats Bread, asking if I’d like to attend their launch party – well, seeing as the boyfriend and I are massive fans of that kind of American style nosh, it would’ve been rude to say no!

Now, we’re not particularly au fait with launch parties and the likes, so weren’t entirely sure what to expect – we rolled up on a chilly Tuesday night at their new premises on St Vincent Street and were greeted with a lovely glass of prosecco to kick off proceedings.

We grabbed a window seat, and took in the surroundings – I really like the décor (I’m a big fan of a stripped brick wall) and the wooden benches also had cute little display areas at the bottom, which was a nice quirk.

Shortly after we sat down, the lovely waitress started bringing us little baskets of food, sampling plenty of options form the menu and she kindly didn’t stop until we were so stuffed we practically rolled off our seats and on to the floor. 

First up was a duo of burgers – the black and blue, and a classic black. I’m not a great fan of blue cheese, but this was a fairly mild one and did compliment the charred flavour of the burger and pretzel style bun. Both burgers were well cooked with a good beefy flavour.

We also tried the New York hotdog – the kitchen make their own hotdogs in house, and this was nicely flavoured, with a texture closer to a regular sausage than a traditional hotdog, and accompanied with nice slow-cooked sweet onions and a mellow yellow (ha, I’m a poet, and I don’t know it!) mustard.

We were particularly delighted to be delivered a piping hot basket of sweet potato fries with sriracha mayo – we’d fallen in love with these when we were in the States, where everywhere seems to serve them, but they haven’t yet caught on in the UK. The waitress apologised profusely as they weren’t as crispy as the chefs wanted (this is a soft opening after all, the purpose of which is to knock out the kinks), but we scarfed them down in double quick time and found no faults.

Sadly, by the time we got round to the samples of the smoked beef brisket we really were needing rolled out the door, but the half I did manage to eat was absolutely fabulous – super smoky and very soft, in a fantastic brioche roll.

Based on the food and service we experience on this ‘soft launch’ night, Bread Meats Bread is somewhere I would happily pay for a full meal, and have suggested it as the venue for the next girls’ night out – good company, a few beers and fantastic food. Perfect!

Many thanks to the Bread Meats Bread team for their kind invite. 


Amazing sweet potato fries


The New York Gourmet Dog and a Classic Burger


Fries with spicy sriracha mayo


A classic cheeseburger and the bbq brisket on brioche – a highlight!



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