Empties #1

photo (3)

Time for my first round of empties! No make up this time, just some hair and skin care products.

Neutrogena Visibily Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

I picked this scrub up one day when Superdrug was out of my usual, and this was on offer (I also bought the moisturiser from the same range). This has such a gorgeous fresh, fruity smell which I think makes this a lovely morning cleanser. My skin is a real mix of types – sensitive, prone to spots, dry and oily so it’s always a bit of a miracle to find something that actually works! This has left my skin feeling really clean, much brighter and with fewer blemishes. A definite repurchase!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Creamy Oil

Until I started working on this post, I hadn’t even realised that two of my empties were from Neutrogena – I might check out some more items from the range, seeing as these two have been big hits.

I think I’m on to my third bottle of this – it’s super-moisturising but sinks in really quickly and isn’t too scented, so a great choice if you’ve got dry, sensitive skin – the packaging doesn’t feel particularly luxurious, but who cares when it delivers great results?

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner 

I picked this up when it was on offer in Boots, along with the shampoo (which I accidentally recycled before taking the photo). I quite liked this at the start, but as time went on I felt it was weighing my hair down and getting a bit too heavy. I used up the shampoo on my hair, but finished the last of the conditioner off as a shaving gel replacement, when my King of Shaves was finished. I’ve tried a few TRESemmé products, but I just don’t think they suit my hair although I know other people have had great success.

King of Shaves Super Gel Ultimate Shaving Gel 

Another non-glamorous purchase, but a necessary one! The skin on my legs can be pretty sensitive and I sometimes get an un-slightly and sore shaving rash – not with this stuff though. It feels really gently, and I by far and away prefer the gel texture to a traditional shaving mousse – for one, it creates far less mess in the shower! Again, this will be a re-purchase.

Let me know what products you’ve recently finished up – and whether you’ll be re-purchasing! – in the comments below!


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